The Pulmonology Clinic at University Hospital St. George was recently renovated, serving the needs of society for quality patient management applying the highest medical standards. It is pilar of the diagnostic and scientific activities in the Medical University of Plovdiv. Together with the Cardiology and Haematology clinics it forms the I Department of Internal Medicine. The Pulmonology Clinic has long and eventful history and embodies the tradition in diagnostics and treatment of respiratory diseases. For over 60 years the Clinic stands the challenges of time.
There are 5 assistant-professors in the Pulmonology Clinic who dedicatedly pass on their experience to the medical students in the fourth year of their study. At the same time they pursue their scientific interests contributing for the disemination and multiplication of the respiratory research.
The Clinic is engaged in the pulmonology education for the undergraduate medical students as well as for the general practitioners, residents in internal medicine and the fellows in pulmonology.